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JC Laptop ChipsAs an independent distributor we are proud to service a broad spectrum of business types worldwide with of quality electronic components.

Over the years we have built a global network of accredited suppliers of components and can supply from a range of the following manufacturers and product areas. From the individual searching for a particular item and the small business looking for a reliable supplier, to the major corporation who depends on JC Electronics to keep their particular operation running smoothly and efficiently.

Our unrivalled sourcing capabilities enable us to not only find those difficult to source and obsolete components but to competitively fulfill any requirement within your Bill of Materials (BOM). Whether you have a scheduled requirement or a line-stop situation - call now to our professional team and get peace of mind!

We stock & can supply a wide variety of...

- Capacitors
- Communications, RF and Wireless Chips
- CPLD Chips
- Data Acquisition Chips
- Diodes
- Displays
- Electromechanical Components
- Flash Memory Cards
- FPGA Chips
- IC Interface Devices
- IC Timing Devices
- Inductors
- Interconnect Devices
- Linear / Analog Devices
- LED’s – Custom Printed Circuit Boards
- Logic Devices – Memory Chips
- Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
- Optical Components
- Passive Components
- Potentiometers
- Power Management Chips
- Programmable Logic Devices
- Resistors
- Thyristors
- Transistors
- Video, Audio, Multimedia Chips
- and more…

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